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  1. realkingsimon

    Sign this man rn

  2. suliiism


  3. ashley_angel714

    I bet this is very irritating for those who play soccer to hear😂

  4. cali8869

    Cuz then it will be called rugby 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. theromeotheory

    Really 😐

  6. ste_dee1

    Hand egg retards ..also baseball it’s the world series only contested in one country 😂😂murica yeeehaw

  7. shorty_boi12

    My god that person is a genius

  8. don_kicks_aire

    You know how long that would take doesn’t sound easy

  9. gritligram


  10. miillii_money

    Americans play American football which is the pussy version of rugby and they call football “soccer” 🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. thevibas

    She’s a gagger

  12. blessed1papi


  13. bugeyed_bandit

    That’s called rugby

  14. theycallme_fame


  15. stefano_427

    Pretty sure that question was made by an american guy

  16. billsmafia863

    @rcoop23 lolol

  17. nismologist

    If they did it they would let it slide. But to pull off actually, that’s the kicker lol

  18. papichunguscholo


  19. shredenstein


  20. jaydeecousins

    It’s against the rules 🙂

  21. kxngn9ne

    Because that’s a cheap tactic that makes you look like a proper shit team with no skill and a downright embarrassment to your fans 👍🏻

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