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  1. jnoccs

    @philipandrejr dammit richard

  2. nastynesto_


  3. u.s.ink_magazine


  4. gmod7708

    If you don’t give me your number I’ll call the cops on you

  5. jemdelorenzo


  6. iammikepowell


  7. _jkl20

    @tnrr_8 jjajajajajaajaj

  8. sageofnun

    Now i get it lol its drake song im slow

  9. grinch_that_stole_bitches

    Tim’s a clown

  10. gr_stackz


  11. trinidadreef


  12. getup1


  13. ndguy200_

    Do women not like lines like that asking for a friend

  14. adamathews09

    The tattoos and shades say all we need to know about this guy

  15. keepcalm_ripabong

    “I’ll let myself out”

  16. lunrdaze


  17. mattyaaliving

    I bet every white guys pick up line for awhile

  18. bigchoc24

    And you know whats so bad!! Most chicas would go for that lame azz game lol…

  19. suarezsergioenrique


  20. thatgoodsomething


  21. slapwicked1414


  22. cabezitas_de_algodon80

    @campanasd3belen lol

  23. jackienotjacky

    @thespiffyhippie @goawaytia_

  24. calvinbridges

    His tattoo say “beef fry rice and Pepper steak onions lol :-D”

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